Alexa Flash Briefings

We build Flash Briefing skills to your liking

Follow our guides and tutorials to making a high quality skill and avoid the troubles of building your own skill by uploading information to VoiceVolcano.

Host Your Alexa Skill

We provide the live server feed for you

No need to stress over the technicalities of setting up a live feed for your briefing and the associated costs with that, we got you covered.

Record/Upload Audio Content

Automatically update your Flash Briefing

Whenever you would like to change your latest Flash Briefing audio clip, simply upload a new audio file or record audio inside of VoiceVolcano and let us handle the rest.  You can even SCHEDULE your next piece of content to be sent now!

Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

Learn the ins and outs to stand out

Step by step and easy to follow making sure you not only have a speedy setup for your skill, but understand what quality information and content performs great on Alexa. 

Bring your Podcast to Alexa

Submit your podcast to a few Alexa skills

While some podcasters make their very own podcast skill, we like to submit a user’s podcast to various, already made Alexa podcast platforms to be found through search.